Granite landscaping adds natural long lasting beauty while 
being durable and low in maintenance.

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Use Granite Cobblestone for edging, a beautiful patio, or a gorgeous fire pit

Granitescape boulders are perfect for focal 
points or accents in your landscape designs. 
Whether used alone or in conjunction with other 
boulders they will add a distinctive look to your 
project. No two Granitescape boulders are the 
same, allowing your design to be unique. 
Granitescape offers boulders in four sizes, extra 
large, large, medium, and small. The extra large 
and large are excellent choices for large 
applications such as: subdivision entrances, golf 
courses, parks, and commercial developments. 
While the medium and small boulders lend their 
selves more toward residential uses such as: 
driveway entrances, water features, and 
landscaping focal points.
(sold by the ton)
XL          (6-8 tons)
L          (3-5 tons)
M          (1-2 tons)
S  (500 lbs. - 1 ton)

Granite markers & Mailbox post

Misc. Granite products & Gifts

Granitescape fencing is made from Georgia's famous Crystal Blue 
granite giving it a distinctive color and unmatched durability. 
Granitescape fencing is adaptable and complimentary to the 
natural terrain of your property. After installation, a Granitescape 
fence will look as if it has been on your property for decades. 
Granitescape fencing has virtually no environmental impact on 
property. A Granitescape fence has the ability to support many 
styles of gates and entrances, allowing for your personalization or 
specific needs.
With a granite fence there are no holes to dig or posts to set, thus 
decreasing labor and installation expenses. Granitescape fencing 
is utterly maintenance free. It will never need painting, or pressure 
washing. With a granite fence, you can forget about rust, mildew, 
unsightly nails, section replacement, and yearly upkeep. This fence 
will age gracefully, without maintenance allowing you to spend 
more time doing the things that you truly enjoy.
Patent # 7,080,827 B1

Hand crafted Granite products 
are the perfect gift for the Mother 
who has it all, or just the perfect 
touch to any yard or park




Granitescape Fencing 

Granite Dress 
Markers & Granite Mailboxes are great 
for any driveway or 
yard, for your home or business.

Dimension Stone

Granite Curbing

Granite Boulders

Granite cobblestone


Cobbles are perfect for dividing or edging that beautiful flower bed 
or driveway

Granite Curbing is excellent for 
all subdivisions and business 
developments, commercial or 

Split face Granite is 
used as a Granite 
Veneer. Pictures from 
the Elbert County 
Court House.